My work aspires toward a critical view of western society, its predicaments and dead ends, as well as human experience in it. Recuring areas of interest are power, spectacle, loss of meaning and alienation. I also take inspiration from the current global political agenda. I try to find ways to bring forth a subject alienated, a subject not simply passive receiver of their facticity, but also the perpetuator of the conditions of their unfreedom.

These interests often take form in the work by focusing on an individual’s experience, and also through a misinterpretation of the reasons for their condition (for example misinterpreting social maladies for psychological). To make the aspect of misinterpretation shine I use humor and irony, which also aim to employ a critique that has a self-critical edge, aware of its shortcomings. This is especially important, in my opinion, for sustaining critique today, and for contemporary art in general.


University of Leeds (UK), Masters in Fine Arts (MA), 2020
Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece), Integrated Masters in Visual Arts, 2017
Staffordshire University (UK), Bachelor in Graphic Design, 1999

2023 Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale of Venice (upcoming)

2022 Experimental Film and Video 2022, CICA Museum, South Korea

2021 Coming to Voice. Graduates of the Düsseldorf Academy of Art 2020, K21, Düsseldorf (guest artist group ༎ຶД༎ຶ )

2020 MA Thesis, University of Leeds

2020 Hot Mess, online <; (collaborative)

2020 Inter-Institutional Symposium, University of Leeds (online presentation)

2020 Pause, Freehold Projects Space, Leeds

2019 Origin, Yorkshire Hub, Leeds

2019 What is to come of this, Yorkshire House, Leeds

2017 Degree Show, Athens School of Fine Arts

2017 Health, Diachronic Museum of Larisa, Greece

2016 Shapes, Colors, Materials: The garden of sculptures, Italian Embassy, Athens

2016 Anthropographies, Benaki Museum, Athens